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Lianas ~ Great Service for Vancouver’s Seniors

When I started as a Realtor one of my top goals was to assist Vancouver’s seniors in transitioning out of the family home and into something more manageable like a single-level condo or a retirement community.

So, a couple of weeks ago when I got a call from a Sunlife Financial Planner friend of mine, Dave Sheldon, suggesting I meet with Cathy Comber of Lianas Senior Transition Services I was excited to find out about the service they provide.

Lianas turned out to be a perfect fit for my business model!

A wonderful, Canadian (that’s important to me) company that really listens to the needs of people who are trying to figure out their next move.

Cathy had a great way to explain what they do.

Essentially the Lianas rep (in this case, Cathy) will come in and speak to you, and your senior parents, and listen carefully to their vision of the future. Cathy considers herself the quarterback who runs the play. She coordinates whatever services might be needed, from downsizing to Lawyers to Realtors to movers, she is able to make what could be a daunting task, easy. Lianas reps can even help you remotely if you’re not in the same city as your parents.

And the best part? The consultation is FREE! No joke, I was shocked too.

The whole business model was Matt Del Veccio’s idea. He recognized the need for empathetic individuals to help families through one of the toughest of life’s decisions and he has, hand-picked, his team to do just that. He started the business in Montreal and is now in several cities throughout Canada.

Lianas lines up with my own business ethics and goals perfectly: empathetic, Canadian, helpful. I love the idea of helping people see their future as bright and optimistic even if that means saying goodbye to their beloved family home.

If you have aging parents, or are feeling overwhelmed yourself about making the transition, give Cathy at Lianas a call and tell her Jacquie sent you.

Cathy Comber ~  – 1 877 450 3365


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