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Making North Vancouver Great Again

Even if you’re not selling a home, you need these guys at Green Coast Rubbish. They’re making North Vancouver great again!

Here’s a story.

A friend of mine was selling the house they’d lived in for 20 years. In those 20 years, they had accumulated a lot of stuff. You know the kind of stuff? Old sports equipment, “I’m going to refinish it soon” furniture piled in the garage, every, single macaroni art project and hand-shaped Thanksgiving turkey. The usual.

They thought they’d hedge their bets and get the house on the market before they finished the de-cluttering (or as I was calling it the “de-hoarding” process.)

In hindsight, this may not have been the best strategy.

My friend spent 10, 14 hour days sifting through the mountains of life that had accumulated in the home. Then another several days back and forth to the dump. The worst part was that she felt really guilty about all the stuff they had to throw out because time simply did not leave them enough time to recycle or sell much of the stuff.  They were exhausted!

I think this likely happens a lot! I mean, everyone gets pretty excited and completely underestimates the amount of stuff they have and have to dispose of to get their home ready to show to potential buyers.

Thankfully, there is a pretty great solution.

My pal Eamonn Duignan owns a wonderful company called Green Coast Rubbish and they provide the answer to all of your de-cluttering prayers…(ok, maybe not “all” but they certainly will make your life so much easier!)

Eamonn started the company when he was at UBC working for a junk removal service in 2006. He saw how much of the “junk” wasn’t really junk and how much was ending up in the land fill. So he got the idea that maybe some of the stuff could be sorted and either re-purposed or re-cycled. Hence “Green” Coast Rubbish.

In 2006 it was kind of unheard of to go the extra mile to actually find ways to recycle. It was costly and time-consuming and no one else was doing it. To Eamonn’s surprise, people really loved the idea and began calling him to remove all manner of stuff.

Today Green Coast Rubbish has a great staff of people that live right here in North Vancouver. They ride here, they have families here, they are a part of this community and, as such, have a vested interest in how we treat the environment.

What makes Green Coast so great? In 2014 86% of the “junk” they hauled was re-purposed or recycled. 86% of stuff that would have been added to the massive pile of North Vancouver’s landfill if they hadn’t saved it. That’s major!

Since 2006 Eamonn and his team have won a ton of awards too including the 2016 RCBC Environmental Award and the 2016 BBB Green Award: and were featured in this magazine cover story. You can read all about them on their site but suffice to say, these guys know their stuff.

So, what’s in it for you?

If you’re thinking about selling your house and you decide to use me as your Realtor I’ll give you a gift certificate to get Green Coast to come help you figure out the best strategy for getting your home ready for sale. Whether you’re downsizing or up-sizing, everyone could use their services. They’ll customize a plan that’s perfect for you.

I love supporting local companies. It’s kind of my thing. Even if you’re not selling and you need a little clean up, call these guys! Tell them you read about them on my blog. You’ll be so glad you did.

(They service the entire North Shore and Vancouver)


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