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Where Everybody Knows Your Name ~ Literally

Living in Lynn Valley, a throw back to a different era.

I live in Lynn Valley. I wasn’t born here or raised here. I didn’t even have my kids here. I choose this place because it reminded me of the community I grew up in on Ontario. (I know, I know, weird!)

Growing up we knew our neighbours. The kids all played on the street until the street lights came on while the parents chatted over wine on the front step of someone’s house and we could walk to the local candy store.

The End of the Line Café in Lynn Valley is our “local”. Owners Connie Fay and her son Jamie have made this little shop into an iconic place that defines Upper Lynn Valley. It seems that past owners didn’t realize what a jewel they were sitting on so when Connie and Jamie took over they quickly got to work restoring it to a piece of Lynn Valley lore.

In only a few short years these long-time Lynn Valley locals (go and ask Connie how long she’s lived her and get her to tell you about skiing home from Grouse Mountain!) have turned a run down candy store into the place where everyone goes to see and be seen. From the local stroller patrol to senior’s walking groups everyone shows up at the #EOTL.

If the ambience wasn’t so great I probably would have started this post talking about the food and the coffee but those are amazing too. Everything is fresh and delivered daily. They have a signature snack called PUCKS. These things are all natural, gluten free hearty as hell, round, oatmeally, pieces of heaven that will fill you up and prep you for anything you have to do in a day.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about the staff. Aside from featuring local artisan’s works, the staff is pretty much what makes this place so amazing. Connie and Jamie hire locals to work at their café. Most of the staff have grown up in LV and have been going to the End of the Line since they were little. I’ve even heard rumours that Connie will often deliver gourmet meals to the evening staff, just because.

When we arrive in LV 5 years ago my internet didn’t work well at home so I spent endless summer mornings working out of the EOTL. I got to know Connie and Jamie and their dogs Trixi and Bud. They know my kids and know about their lives. It’s like having an extended family that feeds you!

The next time you’re out for a drive and want to go somewhere that makes you feel at home and happy, drop by and say hi to Connie and Jamie. You’ll be so glad you did!

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